Monday, 15 December 2008

long time no blog : )

Hi every one!!

hope you are all prepared for Christmas..... I still have to wrap all the presents but that's my fav bit.. apart from the un wrapping :) and the roast :D... he he.

I actual had the roast last night.... as my family all have partners and are spending time with them this Christmas i am spending Christmas on my own : ( well I'm kinda looking forward to it I live in house with 6-9 people so time on your own is hard to come by.

well I got a new job and have been working super hard so i have not had to much time to work on my bears..... but I have done allot of tweaking patterns and try new things and will be selling some bears in the new year.

one of the new things I have been doing is making sock monkeys :0

they are sooo cute,..,..,.., the picture below is my first monkey called +Oogaly Boogaly st Claire+

i just love him!!!

well hope you all have a very merry Christmas x's Matthew