Monday, 15 December 2008

long time no blog : )

Hi every one!!

hope you are all prepared for Christmas..... I still have to wrap all the presents but that's my fav bit.. apart from the un wrapping :) and the roast :D... he he.

I actual had the roast last night.... as my family all have partners and are spending time with them this Christmas i am spending Christmas on my own : ( well I'm kinda looking forward to it I live in house with 6-9 people so time on your own is hard to come by.

well I got a new job and have been working super hard so i have not had to much time to work on my bears..... but I have done allot of tweaking patterns and try new things and will be selling some bears in the new year.

one of the new things I have been doing is making sock monkeys :0

they are sooo cute,..,..,.., the picture below is my first monkey called +Oogaly Boogaly st Claire+

i just love him!!!

well hope you all have a very merry Christmas x's Matthew


Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,

I have bought several of your bears in the past & now that I've seen your new sock monkey addition, I'm wondering if you'll be making any new ones & whether they'll be for sale?
I love your work - it has a real vintage feel and is always well made...I sincerely hope you make some new sock monkeys similar to the cute one on your website!

From your Number One fan,

JAS Anon

Amanda said...

Happy New Year! Glad you are back, I've been tidying my Blog and happened to click on your link. I'll look forward to seeing your creations in the new year. Amanda x

Ginie-Lee said...

Happy New Year Matthew!

Hope you had a good Christmas, It's good to know that you're still keeping your hand in ,the sock monkey is adorable! I too have been neglecting my blog for a while, but I have a bit more time now so hope to blog more often. It's nice to know all is well with you,
Hugs Ginie x

**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

hi all :D, i had a super christmas, lots of fun ;)... and now that things have calmed down at work i can get ack to my bears.
i have been working on other things like my sock monkey's but they were just little things that made me smile soooo sorry jas i have no plans to sell them at the moment...
i hope to put some new bears on in a week or so and will let you all know when i do.
happy new year to you all x's matthew