Wednesday, 16 April 2008

**Tommy the sailor**

say hello to **TOMMY** my newest bear:)
he looks soo cute sitting in my book shelve watching over me as i work.
i cant decide if i am going to sell him just yet or if he is going to keep me company at my work desk???
but i wanted to share him with every one and i hope he will make you smile as much as he makes me :)
my next big project is to make some pandas! and i cant wait to start, but first i have to find the perfect mohair. I have been looking on the web but it so hard to do it that way because unless you know what you are ordering it can be a bit hit or miss.... so i think i will have to wait until i get the chance to go and see the mohair at a bear fair :(
well i hope every one is enjoying the bits of sun we keep getting
and i will speak soon :)
x's Matthew

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Thank you to every one who wished me a Happy Birthday!!!

I had such a perfect day and went into London city to celebrate.... and that i did!!!

all my brothers and sisters, and their partners came with me making it the best birthday ever....

We started of eating at my favorite noodle bar "Ned's Noodles" !yummm! and even my sister who doesn't even like noodles enjoyed her food... and with big round tum's we headed out towards Piccadilly circus stopping every 5 seconds to take a picture (or 5)...

once we got to Piccadilly circus we went to a lovely Irish pub where they play live music and danced and laughed for hours....

all of us now though are still suffering from cheek ache but i think it was worth it.... : )

so i leave you with some pictures of the best night ever,...