Thursday, 27 March 2008

**New Bear and Bun,Bun**

**hello from matthew's bears**

so i have just finished my new bear and bun,bun and i love them. The bear is call *Penny* she is soooo sweet and almost a panda (she has darker arms & legs) : p and the sweet bun bun is called *Dolly* i just love her socks :)
they will be on eBay tomorrow night (28/03)....

hope you all have a nice weekend.....

see you soon x's


Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter.......


I hope that every one is having a nice Easter and enjoying the snow!!! yes it snowed, ok only a little but it was enough to get the creativity flowing......

i have taken a picture of some other bits and bobs that i have found for my spring update and if you look hard you will see a sneak peak of two of my new toys. :)

i was hoping to have around 6 new creations to show you at the end of the week but i have been called into work to cover sickness.... so i can't do as much but i can't wait to show you all what i have done......

and lastly a BIG thank you for all the wonderful comments about my bears and bun,bun's you have left me. it makes me soooo happy :)

so x's to all and have a happy Easter and i will see you on Friday.

love Matthew

**Matthew's Bears**

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Pierre the bun bun is here :)

I have been working on a new pattern for Easter and i am soooooo pleases with how he came out :) he really dose look like a well loved toy.....

i hand dyed his mohaire a buitful pale blue colour that just compleatly reminds me of easter eggs yum yum :)
and his sad eyes make me just want to eat him up :)

he is available now on eBay (eBay name matthewhawkins1984)

I am still having my spring update on march 28th and hope to be making some more bun,buns for then. so watch this space :)

have a nice weekend love ***matthew's bears***

Monday, 10 March 2008

~*~ Easter bun bun coming soon ~*~

I have taken a quick pic to give you all a sneak peek at my newest creation...... :)

i hand dyed her mohair a pale blue (almost a baby blue) and then aged it so the colour looks ultra faded.....

i also found some vintage goodies to dress her with and can't wait to show her off ..... :p
she will be appearing on eBay in the next few days!!! happy bidding.
*Also big spring update coming on march 28th watch this space for more info*

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hello from **Bow & Shine**

Hello from "Bow & Shine"

These are 2 of my new bears available on eBay.

I have always been inspired by old bears, toys, and art and wanted to create bears that looked like toys that have been loved and played with over the years rather than old bears that has been sitting on the top shelf, out of reach from children... and i think these two bears are just that "well loved toy's".

i f you want more info drop me an email any time and i will get back to you.

and watch this space for more info on up and coming bears..... new bears coming at the end of next week :)

love Matthew's Bears x

About me :)

Hello all, and welcome to my first ever blog :)......

My name is Matthew Hawkins from England and I'm 23 years old (until march 28th woooo).

i have been making bears as a hobby for a few years now... I stumbled upon the world of artist bears just by chance 3 years ago when i was broke and my mum was turning 40 (ahhh she will kill me :p) and i decided to try and make her a teddy bear as she love to collect them.... but i had no idea where to start (i didn't even know what mohair was) so i went to the library and search for books to help me..... and i found one!!! but i still had no idea where to get the bits from???? so it was back to the library for some more research. I found a mohair supplier on the Internet and phoned them up for some help and they invited me to come and see them the next weekend at the hugglets bear fair. So i went, and as i walked in the door my mouth hit the floor and i was shocked at how many wonderful bears their were.... so i found some mohair and a pattern and could not wait to start...I made my first bear & my mum loved it..... looking back i can see how bad it was made.... but as soon as i made it i was hooked and have been making bears since.

I started just making bears from other peoples patterns and giving them to family but always wanted something more than these patterns were giving me.. and set to work trying to make my own patterns..... but with little success.... but after time i started to get fluff balls that slightly resembled bears..... and i kept on working until i came up with something that i really liked.... i am still learning with every bear i make but it seems to be getting easier.... and that's it really... well i hope u like my bears to and keep checking back for more info on my bears... :)

love **Matthew's Bears**