Sunday, 18 May 2008

smiles from *BOW*

I was sitting on my bed the other night just checking my e-mails when i noticed something moving out the corner of my eye!! when i looked their was nothing there?? just my usual shelf of bears.... nothing strange... except when i look closer *BOW* who has been sitting there among some other crazy bears had moved and instead of looking straight ahead he was now looking towards me. I immediately ask my family if anyone had moved him, the all looked at me as i was crazy and told me they hadn't touched it... sooo?? how did he move?? i guess i will never know for sure but i am a strong believer that bears have a life off their own, one that we will never be able to properly see but we get glimpses of if we are really lucky :)

i would love to know if any thing like this has happened to anyone else?

let me know

good night x's *MATTHEW*

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

New bears on eBay

New Bear on eBay!!
i have finally decided to share the smiles of **Tommy** the sailor bear, he has been sitting watching over me for a few weeks now and helping me out at my work desk where he can! :) but i have decided to let him go and let him be inspiration to someone else...

he helped me created my other bear for sale on eBay **Jo-JO** the clown bear who i just love!! i love the way he came out looking so old and frumpy.. and i just love the colours in his hat... very 1950's!!
i have always loved clown bears and hope to do a whole circus one day soon!!
but i have sooo many ideas swimming around my head at the moment and i am just trying to find time to try them all out..

well i hope you enjoy the photos of **Jo-Jo** and cant wait to get my head onto fabric and show you all my new ideas :)

hope every one is enjoying the sunshine x's Matthew...