Sunday, 18 May 2008

smiles from *BOW*

I was sitting on my bed the other night just checking my e-mails when i noticed something moving out the corner of my eye!! when i looked their was nothing there?? just my usual shelf of bears.... nothing strange... except when i look closer *BOW* who has been sitting there among some other crazy bears had moved and instead of looking straight ahead he was now looking towards me. I immediately ask my family if anyone had moved him, the all looked at me as i was crazy and told me they hadn't touched it... sooo?? how did he move?? i guess i will never know for sure but i am a strong believer that bears have a life off their own, one that we will never be able to properly see but we get glimpses of if we are really lucky :)

i would love to know if any thing like this has happened to anyone else?

let me know

good night x's *MATTHEW*


indiminula said...

Absolutley Mathew, I know my husband thinks I'm a sentimiental looney but I'm quite sure they sneak about when we're not looking, I always get a feeling from them that they have a real soul that speaks to us. I guess its just the strength of our feelings but I think its enough to create a little majic, and it makes me happy. The world can br quite depressing and I think the more majic and happiness we can help create the better, thats why I love bears! And your's make me smile more than any others I have seen. You inspired me to start a BLog by the way, if you want to have a nose its indiminula bears, Sarahx

**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

its true!! toys come alive when we are not looking!! i mean they even made a documentry about it ... what was it called??? mmm?? oh yeah **TOY STORY**!!lol.. so i checked out your bears wow wow wow they are magical... i love them :)and i have to tell every1 else to check them out!!!
x's *Matthew*

indiminula said...

That means so much Matthew, to have some encouragement from someone who makes such totall fabulous bears! It can be a bit lonely in my bear making bubble, I havn't managed to get out to any fairs yet (they are a bit thin on the ground up here in the fens) and none of my friends are into it. Anyone who wants to see more of my stuff can go on my myspace for bears

PS I am still feeling depressed from brokeback, time to go watch Beauty and the beast with my girls ha ha!