Monday, 23 February 2009

NEW BEAR..... : )

Hello every one :)

i have just put my new bear on eBay (my first of the year)

his name is Mr pp Philpott and i love him....
As you might have noticed i have made some changes from my last bears i sold the first thing is his BIG smile, and i love it, it makes the bear look like it has been truly loved.

well as i say he is on eBay now so check him out!!
x's Matthew


Peng Peng said...

PP Philpott! that name is killing me :O)) As i am a "PP" and my brothers name is Phil. cute bear, good luck with your auction!


Amanda said...

Good luck matey. Nice to hear off you, don't leave it so long next time! All the best, Amanda x

**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

thanks peng peng :) i love the name 2. and i absolutly will not leave it sooo long next time, but i must say stepping back from my bears for a short time really alowed me to think about what i really wanted from them, and i think i have found it now :)

sandlalouer said...

Love your new bear!! So cute with his big smile!! Nice to hear off you again!
Beary hugs,

pussman said...

I stumbeled upon your blog by accident and I love it.
The bears you are making are soo cute and I hope you will be posting some more.
I have been infected by the virus "making bears" for a few weeks now and it is very satisfiing I must say.
I would like to start selling but it is not so simple I guess,
Good luck with your job!